5th Oct 2017 – An Update

My current project is still in the production phase.

Delays and frustrations are common. Each disappointment costs me more time and money. As much as possible, I try not to let them bother me too much. There are a couple of processes in the workflow that needs to be streamlined. This is something I would like to fix soon.

It is not all bad news though. I am pleased to share that my designs have already been realised into actual pieces. I have seen them, held and felt their weight in my hands. At their present state, they are very similar to what I have envisioned them to be. Now if they are finished to the standard I want, that would be great.

Not inspired to draw anything lately, obvious from my lack of posts on Instagram. Still sketching ideas and concepts in my notebook though, just not in the mood to do any full-scale rendering.

All that is on my mind these days, is to go traveling. It would be nice to go somewhere, just walking around taking pictures. *Sigh* One can always dream.


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