What Is My Job?

The other day, the friendly staff of the shop which I frequent, engaged me in some small talk while he was preparing my order. He asked me about my job, to which I replied that I am in the jewellery trade.

His next question was whether or not my job pays well? I grinned cheekily and told him, “I earn enough to buy two cups of tea from you everyday and that is about it.” We laughed about that a bit. With my cup of tea, I thanked him and left.

To a certain extent, I have given him a honest answer to his question. Does my job allow me to amass great fortune? I wish it does, but it does notHowever, it does pay the bills and put food (specifically, tea) on the table.

We all have expectations for ourselves and kind of lifestyles we want to have. All things considered, I am doing alright for myself and I am grateful to be able to earn a living at what I am passionate about.

Do I want more though? Heck yeah! I believe that we should always strive to be the best version of ourselves in life. There is nothing wrong with being both contented and ambitious.

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