What A Twist!

Due to life’s many commitments, the only time I am willing to spend watching movies is the time while I am sweating away on the elliptical machine in the gym.

Recently, I found an old Hong Kong movie from the 90s which I have not watched before. I jumped right in without knowing anything about its plot.

Not what I expected.

With a title like “Hello! Who Is It?!” the movie started out as what I thought was a light-hearted comedy. Quickly enough though, the plot turned really dark… Like really, really dark.

It all started to go downhill with a particular brutal sexual assault of a young tragic woman, which ended in her untimely death. Thankfully, the scene was cut short by censoreship (you can always notice these cuts when the scene jerks forward in time).

Even with many parts of that scene censored and skipped, it was still enough to leave me slightly unsettled. This is surprising to me for I thought I have long been desensitized by all the shocking and easily available media these days.

Do mind that there was no gore or nudity during that repulsive act. It was just the idea of how things changed so rapidly from bad to worse for the female character, that really disturbed me.

It was earlier established that the lady had to sell her body to raise money to send her sick, hospitalized son to Australia for treatment. On top of that, she was also the sole caretaker of her wheelchair-bound mother who suffers from psychosis.

Come on! Cut her some slack, movie!

At this point, I thought I was watching a gritty crime movie before it threw me another curve. Way off from my initial impression, the real genre of the movie is in fact, Supernatural.

The plot has a ghost in it.

When I saw the spirit appeared for the first time, I actually jumped a little both in shock and disbelief. (No way… There is a ghost too?!)

Its entrance was not even a jump scare with loud noise. It was just a quiet close-up shot of her mentally-ill mother sitting alone in her dimly lit living room when the recently deceased lady quietly walked into the frame from the right, all dressed in red. I thought it was visually impactful.

Needless to say, the rest of the movie was about the lady ghost seeking revenge against her murderers.

The actors and actresses did well enough to make me feel a range of emotions. The part where the “injured” lady ghost went back to her mother made my eyes moist.

Only weak link was the actress playing main character’s love interest, a side character, whose role/acting was a little boring.

Overall, it was a decent, enjoyable film.

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