15th Nov 2017 – An Update

I have not been touching my drawing equipment lately, been really slacking on my hand rendering. As much as I am feeling guilty about it, I am just as unmotivated to do so.

Besides, there is not much of a need to do so during this time of the year. Pretty sure the chilly, rainy weather and the year end festive mood do not help.

Every other day though, I will take out my Rapidograph pens and scribble a few lines just to get the ink flowing to prevent them from clogging up the pricey pen nibs.

Luckily, I am just lazy, not uninspired.

Though I am not doing much rendering these days, I am still sketching away on my sketchbooks and even on my phone, which is really convenient since it is always with me and it comes with a stylus.

Been doing a lot of work on the computer lately. Not only does that grant me more control over my designs, more importantly, it can be done concurrently with my busy work schedule. Have a bit of free time? Fire up the good old laptop and get some work done.

If I need physically be at the workbench before I can get anything done, I cannot even imagine how long it will take for me to produce anything. Of course, outsourcing everything is always an option, but where is the fun in that really?

I am doing what I do because I enjoy the process of designing and creating; I get a kick watching my designs realise into actual jewellery.



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