Looking Back and Forward

Once again, we have reached the last month of the year. It is pretty hard to get anything done during this period, since everybody (including myself) is more or less in a holiday mood.

2017 has been an amazing year. Here are some personal highlights.

  • I have picked up after myself, I became a happier person and, after losing weight, a lot healthier too.
  • I had opportunities to travel to some new and wonderful places where I made some beautiful memories.
  • I learnt a new skill. Though not exactly an essential skill, but it offers me a lot more control and great convenience over the way I create.

For 2018, I have a few things in mind that I would like to do.

Be More Fearless

Towards every aspects of my life, I am switching my mindset to one which is more willing to take risks (calculated, of course), try out more new things and generally live more aggressively instead of passively.

I figured another year means I am getting a little older (like everybody else)


I would love to do a bit more photography. At the moment, I am shopping around for a nice camera and Fujifilm’s X100F really piqued my interest. Whenever I travel, I often find myself wishing that I have a proper camera to snap pictures with instead of using my phone. While it is true that the camera on phones are getting more advanced these days, personally, it feels better taking photographs with a dedicated camera.

However, the thing that is stopping me from buying the camera right now is that I need to justify (to myself) its purchase. Will I be using it enough that it will not be another white elephant? As of now, I am about 75% convinced that I need that camera.

Another thing I would like to dip my toes into, is 360 degrees photography. It would be something pretty interesting to experiment with and is relatively inexpensive to get into, with the current selection of affordable 360 cameras. The best thing is I do not need to stitch the pictures up myself; most (if not all) 360 cameras do that for you automatically. Point-and-shoot without fuss, just the way I like it.


A friend once told me to imagine that in life, everybody is standing in a running river. If you are not taking that conscious effort to move forward, simply by standing still in the river’s current, you will be pushed backwards and be left behind.

While I am extremely pleased and proud of the weight I have lost so far in 2017, I have since reset my goal to 68 kg by early 2018. Of course, body weight is nothing more than a guide, I will spend more time to train for a fitter and more aesthetic body.

Though I have nothing concrete yet, I would love to pick up another skill. It will have nothing to do with jewellery; right off the top of my head, I would love to learn how to cook properly.

That is about all for now. Thanks for reading!

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