16th Jan 2018 – An Update

We are 16 days into 2018. By now, not only is it a little odd to still wish someone a happy new year, but one should already have set the gears in motion towards accomplishing one’s goals for 2018.

Here are some of of the things I am aiming to achieve in 2018 and the things that I have done/ will be doing.


I would like to go a bit further on teaching this year. In order to make the classes more accessible/ affordable, I am planning to conduct my teaching in classes of 5 (3 to go).

I figured that the time spent on coaching a single student and a class of 5 should more or less be the same. By being able to plan the lessons for 5 students simultaneously, I can better manage and utilise my time. The only downside of this arrangement is that I will have to move the whole class along the syllabus pretty strictly.

To add more value to my teaching, I will be offering the use of videos to correct students’ work whenever it is applicable. I am toying with the idea of recreating the entire syllabus in videos, but it is a daunting project which require much time and effort which I may or may not have. However, it will be kept in view.

Through my teachings in 2017, I have gained valuable experience and insights from which I will improve my lessons for 2018.


Many folks might not be able to relate how depressing it is for a designer to have nothing to show except for designs on pieces of paper. It makes me feel inadequate and unmotivated, as I have a strong desire to see my designs come to life.

To spare myself the same frustration that bugged me for most of 2017, I will place a lot more emphasis in producing many more of my designs into actual jewellery pieces.


For 2018, I will try to create even more interesting content to share and hopefully, inspire. You can look forward to more videos and “behind the scenes” pictures.

As one of my 2018 goals is “to indulge in photography”, you can be sure that I will be sharing my pictures either on my Instagram or right here. 

Recently, I have purchased a camera which takes 360 degrees pictures. Been playing with it lately, it is a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing those 360 degrees pictures in this blog!

All in all, I’ll go through 2018 as fearlessly and passionately as possible. As much as I can, I will try to live in the moment.
That is all. Got a trip coming up in 2 days time. Looking forward to it. Thanks for reading!

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