A Week’s Worth Walking in Hong Kong

Had a lovely week in Hong Kong recently. With Constant Companion RR, we have done a crazy amount of walking up and down the crowded and vibrant streets of Hong Kong.

Instead of using Hong Kong’s efficient public transportation, we have decided to leg it as much as possible like we always do. Not only because Constant Companion RR and I both enjoy the physical activity, it also allows us to get to some really strange, wonderful places and explore. On the streets on our feet, we were able to fully immersed ourselves to the sights and sounds of the city.

Every step counts.

Here is the record from my activity tracker. As you can see, on average I clocked 21k steps a day. It would have been a higher number if I did not forget my activity tracker in the hotel, on the 5th day (22nd Jan). However according to RR‘s phone, we did approximately 27k steps that day.

On the third day, there was a slight drop in the amount of walking because Constant Companion RR was feeling unwell and had to return to the hotel to rest. Alone for that afternoon, I popped over to Hong Kong Museum of History and had a good time looking at the exhibitions.

One benefit from all that walking is that like all forms of exercise, it burns calories. From the way I was eating unrestrained, I was definitely chalking up the calories in Hong Kong. Besides, I seldom hold myself back on a holiday, especially when Hong Kong was a well-known food paradise. I do not believe that the walking fixed any of the damage of my gluttony, but I am sure it was reduced some.

Facilitating our walk, was the chilly, gloomy weather; kept us cool as we strutted up and down some challengingly steep pavements. The locals must have built some strong legs over the years. Several times, I had to remove my jacket and walk in my cotton tee just to cool down my body from the intense climb, while drying off any perspiration and looking slightly out of place in the sea of people in heavy clothing.

We returned to the hotel every night exhausted and satisfied. By the end of our week, we bring home pictures and blisters to remember our 7 days trip to the Pearl of the Orient.

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