Hong Kong Museum of History

On the third day (20th Jan 2018) in Hong Kong, Constant Companion RR got a little under the weather. Resting in the hotel and unable to join me, I carried on with my plan to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History.

There was an exhibition about the Silk Road which required a small admission fee. It was a relatively small exhibition displaying some sculptures and ancient texts.

As part of the exhibition decoration, I was fascinated by the moving light projection of men and camels walking, in a single file, across the sand dunes which were printed on the walls.

The main and permanent exhibition, “The Hong Kong Story” is well organised and nicely presented. I left the exhibition with my view widen. For example, I had never imagined Hong Kong in a pre-historical setting, so I was intrigued when I entered the gallery covering that topic.

Spanning 3 floors, “The Hong Kong Story” exhibition covered all aspects of the country’s history. Going through the different galleries, each recounting a major time period or a cultural subject, I realised that my own country, Singapore, shared many similarities. Being a relatively young country, I have no doubt Hong Kong was a great source of inspiration for us.

Do not forget to check out the 360° pictures I have taken on the museum!

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