Lantau Island, Po Lin Monastery 360° Photography

Just left the very touristy “Ngong Ping Village”,  RR and I were heading to Po Lin Monastery.

Stepped inside a local shop, where they sell beancurd made with local spring water and hellishly spicy Hong Kong style fish balls.

Enroute to Po Lin Monastery, there were some stone tables and stools for people to take a rest. It was a sunny and windy day.

Entrance to Po Lin Monastery can be seen ahead!

Courtyard of Po Lin Monastery. Wanted to take a shot of the surrounding, but RR had every intention of photobombing my shots and there was nothing much I can do since it is 360°.

Inside one of the monastery’s buildings. I did not take too many pictures, in fact this shot is the only one. Firstly, I was not sure if photography was allowed and secondly, I did not want to disturb worshipers.

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