Lantau Island, Tian Tan Buddha 360° Photography

22nd January 2018. Day Trip to Lantau Island.

A crowded, sunny afternoon. Luckily, the occasional chilly breeze kept things cool. Nothing much changed about this place since my previous visit many years ago.

At the base of Tian Tan Buddha, preparing for the climb up.

Very popular tourist attraction indeed.

After 268 steps, we have reached the top.

Taking a quick breather while snapping some photographs!

Walking around the giant statue of Buddha, admiring the view.

2nd level of the foot of the massive statue.

This is as high as we can go, I believe.

Side of the statue.

The restrooms are there way. This is what happens if you are not aware of your surrounding when you take pictures.

In front of us, is one of the entrances into the building below the Buddha statue. You can find a couple of souvenir shops within and walls of niches(?) for the deceased.

Heading back down. Easier down than up!

I find the surrounding vegetation to be beautiful.

One more picture on the stairs.

Back on solid ground. Just moments later, three cows strolled past from our left as though they had an appointment somewhere.

Next stop, Tai-O Fishing Village!

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