Lantau Island, Tai-O Fishing Village 360° Photography

On the last leg of our day trip to Lantau Island, we found ourselves at the tranquil village of Tai-O. This is my first time here. I enjoy how slow-paced everything is.

Took a lot of pictures In Tai-O. Going to share 20 of my favourite 360° photos with you; this will be a really long post.

Arrived after a bumpy taxi ride on windy, narrow mountain roads!

Let us stretch our legs a little!

Check out all the seafood product. Fascinating sights and smells.

More seafood product.

Some fresh vegetables.

Narrow street teeming with life.

We stood right at the entrance of a crowded “Cha Chaan Teng“.

To my left, there are 3 pufferfishes hanging around.

Small eateries on both side of the street. There is also a bakery and right next to us, a shop selling chinese straw hats and household products.

I like how the the building (on my right) is covered with small, squarish mosaic tiles.

The famed houses on stilts of Tai-O at low tide.

There are many little details you can pick up if you look carefully.

Interesting choice of material to build houses. Almost has a 60s/ 70s Sci-fi vibe.

A lot of the charm of this place comes from how many things have that DIY feel; anything goes as long as it works.

Be careful not to disturb the residents here.

You know the feeling of excitement you have while exploring somewhere quiet and new?

Cramp and confusing alleyways.

Written on the ground with bright yellow ink, are the words “Exit” in Chinese characters. I did not notice that until I look through the pictures. Wonder if there have been cases of people losing their way in this area?

Behind a fence? No problem.

My 360° camera is all seeing.

Back to the populated area of Tai-O; the other market area, after crossing a bridge where the locals offer boat ride tour around the island for a fee.

This market is certainly catered more to Tai-O tourists.

A pleasant long walk along the coast to reach this jetty. Unfortunately, it is another hazy day so we cannot really see too far into the distance.

The Tai-O Heritage Hotel is located right ahead of me.

Back at the town center and in a local temple.

I know the picture is really blur, I really could have done a better job keeping the camera still (lesson learnt). However I thought it would be interesting to show you the interior of the temple.

The town square maybe?

Infront of the shop which sells the famous “Tai-O Donuts”, rehydrating and replenishing our bodies with nourishment.

There are a few interesting “designer” shops and cafes along this stretch of road.

Chinese calligraphy.

So many things going on around us.

Sun is setting, legs are tired. We can hear the locals preparing dinner in their kitchen and smell the aroma of their cooking.

Awesome day. Time to head back.

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