09th March 2018 – An Update

I have recently received my bunch of signet rings, all finished and polished, from the craftsmen. Neat. Pictures of them have already been taken. Will be posting them online soon.

Self-discipline has been slacking lately, but it is okay. Meticulous time management and planning are only be effective if I stick to the plan. However, because I have to scrape measly amount of free time here and there to get things done, sometimes I just do not feel like working.

On top of my day job (which takes up a HUGE part of my time), I have to satisfy the need to lead a normal and healthy lifestyle. As a social being, family and friends get a share of my time. For the body, some time is allocated for the gym. For the mind, a little “me” time is always important and appreciated to unwind and put things into perspective.

Luckily, I genuinely enjoy designing and producing jewellery, but there must be a balance. My philosophy towards creating my own jewellery is always to do what I can with what I have, as long as I do not stop completely.


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