Finish What You Started

Every now and then, an idea would popped into my head which get me all excited. This sudden surge of excitement would almost always egg me on to start and commit myself to work on it. If I may frank to myself, I have already too much on my plate; balancing my job, the concurrently running personal projects and life in general.

It is sort of like my habit of buying beautiful, new sketchbooks. As it is, I own numerous sketchbooks. Many of which are still unfinished; it is very wasteful.

Looking into my impulsive sketchbooks buying behaviour, it is the idea of starting anew and the possibility of filling the blank pages of the new sketchbook with something good, that allures me. Those are the same qualities which make me want to jump right into any sudden and good (at that point in time) ideas.

Over the years, my stacks of unfinished and untouched sketchbooks have taught me to finish what I have started. If I cannot give a project the sufficient time to properly develop and complete it the best that I can, it would not be in my best interest to start anything at all.

Half-assed attempts are nothing more than a waste of both time and effort.

Had an idea for a new project a couple of days back and I dealt with it the way I deal with all my new ideas these days. I spent the first couple of hours pondering over it, writing down notes. Then, I will keep the notes aside and return to them a few days later. If I still cannot find anything wrong or negative with the idea, I will file its notes into my “The One Book” where all my ideas and concepts awaits for their turn to be brought into full fruition.

It has been 2 days now. My latest idea still seems pretty solid to me. I will most likely bounce it off a couple of friends and get their feedback.

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