Stimulation is Important

In regards to the idea I have mentioned in my previous blog post, it is currently in development. The latest addition to my already long list of “Personal Projects”.

Since then, I have found and roped in a suitable partner. Together, we have fleshed out a lot of the minor details. Like every starting point, it was all very exciting and stimulating to the brain.

It is this stimulation that I crave.

Never have I started any of my personal projects, motivated only by making a profit. They are more like hobbies, done during my free time for pleasure. In addition to learning some life’s lessons, I enjoy solving the problems that might arise and the satisfaction of achieving the desired end results.

The opportunity for creativity and self-expression is my motivation.

I am aware that from a business standpoint, it does not make sense to invest my time, effort and money into these projects if I have no intention of profiting from them.

However, I am not so “detached from materialism” that I am making myself up to be. It is, of course, wonderful if any of my projects can pay for themselves over time. That way I can continue creating and experimenting, without it being at my own expense.

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