31st March 2018 – An Update

A couple of days back, I saw a GIF in which there is a lady peeling a pineapple. After she expertly sliced off the skin with a really sharp knife, she switched to a V-shape chisel and started creating the spiral grooves around the pineapple to remove the eyes left on the surface of its yellow flesh.

It was only then I realised this is the reason why sliced pineapples look that way everywhere. I always thought it is for aesthetic reason that pineapples are cut and presented in that manner. Not once, have I thought it was out of necessity.

Life never stops teaching.

Been working on a website.

Technically speaking, I am only tweaking a website template which I like. I chose a palette of pastel colours to reflect a gentle mood. To the site, I have added several pages of text. Taking my time to write and rephrase. Visuals will come in later.

Came up with a logo which I am rather pleased with; thought it will look nice on print.

I do noticed I am a little faster while working on this site. All the website building/ website template tweaking I have done so far, must granted me ample chance to practise.

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