12th April 2018 – An Update

Just returned from a short 3D2N trip to Bangkok with my cousin and cousin-in-law. Had lots of good food and, as always, a relaxing time.

We spent the first afternoon in Chatuchak Weekend Market where cousin-in-law did a ton of shopping. For the first time, I did not perspire profusely at the market. Instead of the usual insane heat and humidity, it was surprisingly cooling with all the chilly wind blowing. It was a strange but welcoming change.

Since the last time I was there, a particular narrow and extremely busy sky bridge has been made wider which made commuting easier for the large crowd of rushing pedestrians. Every time I visit Bangkok, there are always some parts of the streets that have been upgraded or covered up, in the process of upgrading. Of course, as I am most of the time, at the more popular areas where tourists and locals hang out, it makes sense for all the civil improvements.

Still, as a tourist who walks a lot, I appreciate the effort taken to make getting from one place to another easier and sheltered from the elements.

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