03rd May 2018 – An Update

We are already in the month of May and boy, is this month packed!

Have not been feeling my best recently. Pulled something in the gym; heard and felt a strange “crunch” somewhere behind my left shoulder blade. I am not in any pain, but somehow, I could not fully turn my neck without feeling a strain. My throat is feeling a little sore as well.

For now, I am staying away from fried food and going to bed early (before 1 am). Hopefully I will recover soon because I have a trip coming up in the middle of the month. Being sick during your holidays sucks!

I have been diligently working on my project, mainly on its website. Pleased to say at least 80% of the things are in place and will be set into motion some time this month. We will work on the balance 20% as we go along.

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