Italy Trip 2018 – A Summary

Just got back from a 8 days trip to Italy. Visited Rome and Milan, spent 5 days and 3 days respectively. Quite an eye-opening experience, I especially enjoy walking up and down the cobblestone streets of Rome.

This way back to the hotel! – Flaminio Obelisk

In Rome, we have visited most of the obligatory touristy places of interest, snapped a lot of pictures. The architectures are amazing. As we (Constant Companion RR, of course, and I) walked through Rome, there are a lot of fascinating ancient statues and ruins to be seen, most of which remained unknown and alien to us until we Google.

There was this particular obelisk which we used as a prominent landmark to guide us back to our hotel. After a quick Google search, we found out that it is the Flaminio Obelisk.

I love how there are water fountains all over Rome where we can fill our bottles with refreshingly chilled water. Really helped us to stay hydrated (for free) under the glaring sun as we explored Rome.

Security is tight wherever we went. There were large men in uniform carrying huge automated rifles, blocking up the roads with their heavy armored military vehicles. Plenty of gruff-looking police officers stationed among hordes of tourists. This does not take away anything from my experience and I can totally understand the need of them being there. In fact, Constant Companion RR absolutely adores having them around, it means that the place is safe and secured.

We took a train to Milan on the 23rd of May where we stayed until 26th. Highlights of the trip included visiting Duomo Di Milano and celebrating Constant Companion RR’s birthday in a rather odd place, Milan’s Chinatown. Very different indeed.

That is all for my summary of my Italy trip. I will write more in depth in future posts with the pictures I took. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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