I Have A Bad Habit

Whenever I am solving a new problem/ engaged in something, so focus would I be on the matter at hand that I would often neglect every other aspect of my life.

Recently, I have gotten a new tool and I have been so engrossed in experimenting with it. Experimentation is extremely important since it is still a very new tool and I need to find out the best way to streamline it with my work flow. On top of that, I need to find out how to get consistent, good end results.

It is an awfully tedious and time-consuming activity, recording all the variables and results. Sometimes, the failed attempts might not teach me anything, wasting my precious, limited free time.

In the midst of my current “Research and Development” phase, I simply do not have the mind or heart to do other things. I have been skipping more than a few gym sessions. While the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym” is true, I do miss a good, sweaty workout. It is a good thing I still watch what I eat; controlled but not starving myself.

Temporarily put on hold, is designing and rendering jewellery. Even when I am not physically there in “The Space” conducting my experiments, my mind is too preoccupied with them; not exactly the right frame of mind for creativity. Thankfully, I still get the occasional wild idea in my head, to which I would record them down for future development.

Socially, I have no problem. My social circle has always been a small and intimate one which hardly requires much effort to maintain. To that, I am unsure whether it is something to to be happy or sad about, but it is what it is. *Shrug*

Changing this part of me will make me less inefficient and by realising that point will be my first step forward. My subsequent remedial actions can be boiled down to “living in the moment“. When it is time to experiment, experiment. When it is time to go to the gym, go to the gym.

Let us see how it goes.

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