18th August 2018 – An Update

Productivity has gone up recently because I have made the decision to bring my 3D Printer back home. Effectively, I am able to send the files to the printer in the morning and have it printing through the day.

When I am back home at night, I can then retrieve and clean the fresh prints. From that point, I can further examine and adjust the computer files or continue with any post-printing processing. This arrangement works wonderfully.

The only minor complain is the smell from the printing resin material and isopropyl alcohol which is used to rid my prints of excessive resin. This is just a small price to pay to move things ahead a little faster.

20180818 Update.jpg

I have been working on bringing this necklace, which I have designed last year, to life. As it is a massive necklace consisting of many, many movable parts, even after working on it for approximately 3 weeks now, I must say it is only about 40% complete.

I learned a lot from this, both the limitation of the machine and myself. This is extremely good exercise which grants me great satisfaction especially when I manages to solve a particular difficult problem. The stimulation of my mind is so addictive.

As I slowly assemble my necklace from each individual sections as they fall into place with one another, gives me a sense of fulfillment and achievement. I will keep you guys updated on its progress.

Thanks for reading!


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