26th August 2018 – An Update

I have received my order of paint filters 2 days back. Last night, I finally had the opportunity to run my resin through the filter, in the hope that it will remove the little floating bits of cured resin within. Spent the entire of last night, cleaning the tank as the resin dripped through the filter.

Early this morning, I restarted the print job before heading out. When I returned back this evening, I was welcomed by another failed print. Ugh.

Messy, messy job.

Currently, I am running the resin through the filter again, because it is recommended to do so after any printing failure. Judging how things are going, I think my order of 12 pieces of paint filters will not last very long. After a long day out, it is such a chore to have to deal with the sticky mess, which is made even less rewarding by the unsuccessful print.

However, it have to be done. Unlike the previous batch of failed prints, which I promptly tossed into the bin, I just realised it is important for me to clean them up for an investigation. I need to find out the cause.

Tell me your secret!!!

On the top of my head, I have a few suspects.

  1. There is something wrong with my preparation of the files. I believe for these prints, I have tilted them at an angle of 50 degree to be printed. I do not really think this is the issue, but it is something I remember doing differently.
  2. The resin is still contaminated, which I highly doubt. If need be, I will get rid of this current batch of resin in the tank, and work with a fresh tank.
  3. I have messed up with the printing support. This is the main suspect. I have “experimented” with several crazy set up of printing supports, trying to find the perfect balance between providing firm, secure, supports for the prints, and trying to reduce material usage and the post-printing labour. I must went too far with this batch of files.

Well then, that is all for tonight’s update.

I have some clean-up to do.

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