06th Sept. 2018 – An Update

Yup. It was because of the inadequate support I placed on my prints that was causing most of the problems.

SUCCESS (mostly)!!! There was one Tiny Print which did not show up. Hmmm…


Through “intensive experimenting”, I also discovered that anything which I positioned to be printed right in the middle, will not show up on the build platform. Instead, it will appear at the bottom of the resin tank, cured flat at base.

At the moment, I do not know why is that so. Went to the company’s forum and shared my issue with the people. Gotten some advice from helpful folks, but through further testing, none seems to be the solution.

This morning, I have started another print job with my other resin tank. Tonight I will know whether if it is a problem unique to that particular tank, or (hopefully not) there is something wrong with my printer. Ugh.

If it is really an isolated flaw and I cannot find a way to fix it, I will just have to avoid the middle and print around the edges. Lucky for me, since I am working with jewellery and they are by nature, rather small, this would not pose too much of a restriction on me.

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