Taiwan Oct 2018 Trip Summary Part 2

If you have not read Part 1 of this Taiwan Trip Summary, you can do so here.

Now then, allow me to continue sharing some of the the trip’s highlights.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Constant Companion RR and I walk a lot during our travel, clocking at least 30,000 steps most days. From one location to another, it is our preferred way of traverse. Not only is it a healthy form of exercise, it is also a wonderful way to really see and feel a place.

Often during our walks, we would chanced upon interesting places, giving us an opportunity to sidetrack a bit and explore further.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is one of those places. Now if you are interested to know more about this place, click on the link provided and you will be brought to Wikipedia. There is no hard fact and information about this place which I can share that you cannot find elsewhere online.

I am all about sharing trivial and personal experiences, and here is one. Constant Companion RR‘s alma mater is a stone-throw from this location and as a student, she was made to jog two rounds around this massive place for her Physical Education lessons.

Personally, I find that idea really fascinating because in Singapore, most of the schools have their own space where students can do their physical activities. As a student, I considered being able to jog (or do any form of sports) in public areas beyond the “safety” of my school’s compound, during school hours, a special treat.

That said, I have nothing else to share about this place. I thought the buildings are grand-looking and large empty space is always nice and windy.

Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk

Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk
Healthy (?) and Delicious! Chewy pearls!

I was not allowed to have any “bubble tea” because generally, they are unhealthy and sugar-filled. Though I occasionally indulges one or two soda to accompany my meals when I travel, back home, I seldom “drink my calories”, sticking only to water and tea.

This time however, I was able to try this highly recommended Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk from this immensely popular shop hidden somewhere deep within the alleys of Shida, Taipei.

The shop had an unassuming look to it; one which I will pass by without a second look. Apparently, there is always a crowd/ queue up front but luck was on our side as we visited it during its “downtime”. Besides, it was also drizzling slightly.

The beverage itself is simply fresh milk sightly sweetened by brown sugar with chewy tapioca balls at the bottom. Shake well and serve.

Random Night Scenes

The first few days in Taipei were depressing. Gloomy weather with a constant threat of rain. When it actually rained, it was slight drizzle which lasted for many hours.

It is the most annoying kind of rain. The kind that is not big enough to make us decisively pause and seek shelter somewhere, but just enough to make everything wet and getting around more difficult and uncomfortable.

I must admit though the weather was troublesome, it does add a lot of charm to the night scenes. Great for photography, I guess.

One night, we popped over to Shilin Night Market, for a night of exploration and junk food for dinner. That was my first visit to the night market. To be honest, it is pretty much like every other night markets I have been too, except bigger and more crowded. Not saying I did not enjoy myself.

Walking around, eating fried chicken and ice cream spring rolls is always a good time in my books.

Huh. This summary of my trip is longer than expected. Look forward to Part 3 where I will be talking about Sun Moon Lake!

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