18th Nov. 2018

There will be some major “milestones” in 2019. In preparation for them, I have a long list of things that are needed to be done. Luckily, I am slowly completing and checking off the items on the list, one by one.

2018 is coming to an end and I personally do not like this time of the year. Everything seems to slow down as everybody is preparing to welcome the new year. I cannot helped but to slow down to match everybody’s pace.

Here, the weather gets a bit colder and a lot more wet. How annoying! Fortunately, my journey to work from home is mostly sheltered. I was only exposed to the open sky when crossing this one particular road.

I have been blogging a bit more frequently these days. While I want to write more about my jewellery designing journey, there is simply too little going on that is worth writing about. Hopefully that will change in the coming year.

I still have not write about my trip to Italy in May. Need to browse through the pictures and think of something interesting to share.

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