Rome, Italy. May 2018 (Part 2)

Picking up where we left off in the previous post, I will share some of Rome’s most popular places of interest.



I was in awe by the grandeur of the Colosseum when we approached it. It was amazing thinking that I have seen it in movies/ books before and now, I stood before it in person. With clear, blue sky and a nice cool breeze, I could not asked for a better day to visit the Colosseum.

Outside, there were hordes of tourists and, of course, peddlers. Nothing unusual, I supposed, since the world famous amphitheatre is an iconic symbol. Constant Companion RR and I walked around its perimeters to admire the ancient structure from all angles. Similar to our trip to the Vatican City, we were approached multiple times by peddlers who tempted us with the promise of skipping the lengthy queue for the entrance tickets, by signing up for a guided tour with them.

After a brief discussion with Constant Companion RR, we felt that we would prefer to explore the Colosseum by ourselves and a guided tour would be unnecessary. Besides, the queue did not look too long.

With the day still long ahead of us, we took our position in the queue for entry, behind a couple of Asian girls. The line was long enough that it had stretched slightly outside the shelter of the Colosseum, but it was constantly moving and it was not too long before the line took us within the Colosseum itself.

Standing on the timeworn ground on the Colosseum, I noticed that the two Asian girls were munching on what seemed like some chocolate candy. Since there was nothing much to do waiting in a queue as we inched towards the ticketing booth, I started observing them.

That was when one of them accidentally dropped her piece of candy on the decrepit concrete floor. The young lady gingerly bent over, slowly picked up her candy, took a sniff and to my horror, popped it back into her mouth!!!

I instinctively reeled back in disgust, unable to accept what just took place. Initially, I thought she was just going to pick it up to throw away later. Nope. Not one who wastes food, I see.

The very spot where her precious piece of chocolate candy fell on, was the same spot where thousands and thousands of visitors once stood before. I could not fathom how filthy the floor was.

Her laid-back approach of retrieving her fallen morsel of chocolate confectionery really added to the whole experience of throwing me off. For a good couple of seconds, she actually looked down and stared at her snack lying on that pockmarked, archaic ground a bit before lazily bending her knees, lowering herself down to pick it up. Obviously, the “5 Seconds Rule” was more like a guideline than hard rule to her.

For making my trip to the Colosseum so memorable, she has been included to one of my “Interesting Incidents Illustrations“.


Once we gained entry into the Colosseum, our strategy was to explore it in a clockwise direction. Constant Companion RR and I went around fulfilling our “duties” as tourists. I do not think I can write anything new or inspiring about the splendor of that place. It was simply breathtaking.

As I felt that that was only right way to capture the magnificence of that place, I used the “Panorama” function of my phone’s camera extensively and for your viewing pleasure, I have uploaded the panoramic shots in higher resolution which you can “view full size” for a closer look. Using “Panorama” function in a place full of active, moving people can cause some funny distortion. See if you can find any.

Near the end, the sky opened up and started pouring rain. Luckily, Constant Companion RR and I were still within and sheltered from the rain.

Thanks for reading about my Colosseum experience. Hope you have enjoyed my pictures!

I will wrap things in in my next post.

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