Rome, Italy. May 2018 (Part 3)

This is the final part about my trip to Rome back in May, where the focus is mainly about architectures, museums and a popular ruins east of the Colosseum.

“Ruins” (East of Colosseum)

Constant Companion RR and I wandered around this large area with many ruins east of Colosseum. I do not know if there is a collective name for this whole area.

It was very comfortable to explore as there are a lot of large, open space so we were not bunched up with other fellow tourists. In some area, the ground were uneven so one has to be caution.

There were a lot of photo opportunities in this area. Again, I abused the “Panorama” function of my phone. As much as we could, we ascended any stairs/ slope so we could have a higher vantage point of the entire area.

I remember finding a small chapel at the top of a small hill in which, two sisters were singing hymns. Within the chapel, lit by natural sunlight, sat a couple other people. Mesmerised by the beauty of the entire scene, I remained where I was, right outside the doors, and observing until the sisters were done singing.

I did not take a picture as I do not want to cause any disturbance.

Somewhere at the end of our walk, Constant Companion RR had a sudden crave for “Bak Kut Teh” for dinner and tasked me with the extremely challenging job of finding that very South-East Asian dish, right there in Rome, Italy.

After a quick search online, we reaped no results. Needless to say, we did not have “Bak Kut Teh” for dinner that night.


National Roman Museum

We popped by National Roman Museum one afternoon. I could not helped but feel that the museum staff was a little unfriendly; treating us as though we were beneath them. Being on a holiday, I did not want to ruin the day for both Constant Companion RR and myself, I simply let it slide.

Objectively speaking, for a paid exhibition, I find the museum to be rather average. I have been to many museums which are way more extensive and most of them are free of charge.

For what it is, the place is clean and spacious, the exhibitions were elegantly displayed. Practically free from other visitors, Constant Companion RR and I had a comfortable afternoon browsing through the exhibitions and taking pictures.

MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome

Constant Companion RR and I went to MACRO blindly; we did not know what exhibition was going on then. When we arrived, we found that it was all about the band, “Pink Floyd“.

Now, I know that they are super famous and I must have heard one or two of their most popular tracks without realising it. Their picture of a single ray of light going through a triangle, breaking into a rainbow can be seen on many, many t-shirts. However, I am just not familiar with the band and their highly acclaimed music.

That unfamiliarity did not stop me from enjoying the exhibition though. Constant Companion RR and I were given a receiver and earphone each before entering the exhibition. Various different commentaries and music would play automatically as we went through the exhibition. It was interesting and extremely trippy.

Did not take too many pictures since it was quite dark and packed with people.


Various buildings which caught my eyes as we walked through Rome.

Places of Interest

Altare della Patria

Saw this across the road and I snapped a picture. Very grand indeed.

Spanish Steps

Constant Companion RR and I walked past this place several times during our time in Rome and there was always a crazy amount of people (tourists and peddlers) around this area. For the first couple of times, we simple took a couple of pictures and moved on.

One time on the way back to hotel, the route we took brought us to French church, Trinità dei Monti at the top. We had the opportunity to see things from the top before we ascended the famous Spanish Steps.

Trevi Fountain

It was kind of by chance we came upon Trevi Fountain because we were just walking around, taking things as they come; not actively looking for anything. Like everywhere in Rome, hordes of tourists and peddlers gathered at this spot, making picture taking harder than it should.


Yet another famous, ancient tourist attraction Constant Companion RR and I stumbled upon during our “free and easy” walk. We took a look inside, from the outside, and decided not to go into the former Roman temple. The lengthy queue infront was also a turn-off.

Took a general shot of the area. I was wondering what is it like to live right next to a famous, ancient tourist attraction until I noticed a lady in orange, peering out from a window, in the building right next to the Pantheon. She looked really bored, most likely from having to deal with all the commotion happening on a daily basis.


I have had an enjoyable time in Rome. It felt amazing to walk among the ancient ruins. Even when Constant Companion RR and I were not in the more touristy areas, it was great to just walk on the cobblestone street, weaving in and out of alleys formed by aged, quaint structures.

The amount of fellow tourists can take a little enjoyment out from the experience, but it is to be expected. Street peddlers selling everything, from imitation bags to wooden, foldable baskets, can be annoying at times, but luckily we did not meet any who were too pushy to sell their wares.

The food was delicious, but it is not like we have had anything too special. To avoid all the “tourist traps”, I have learned to do some research before committing to any restaurant. This is a necessary step since most of the “better” restaurants have specific operation hours. We will fare a lot better if we “dine with intent” (make a reservation and go to a specific restaurant at specific time) instead of leaving everything to chance and eat whenever and wherever.

I would love to visit Rome a second time if possible. From here, Constant Companion RR and I took a train down to Milan which I will cover in my next post.

Thank you for reading!

Rome POI 11
Next stop… Milan!

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