06th March 2019 – An Update

Spent a good part of today’s afternoon on one of my personal projects; felt really good, like I have accomplished something with my time. That feeling is rare these days, especially at work.

Feeling a little jaded lately; it is like I have done nothing notable or achieved anything that I can be proud of. I am not doing enough of anything that I find is meaningful or brings me genuine happiness. Yes, the occasional 80s Hong Kong movies and video games provide me with temporary escape but deep down, I know I am desperate for a change in my life.

I do not want to just exist from paycheck to paycheck.

I supposed this is a normal feeling as we age. Without a doubt, there are countless people out there who are similarly disgruntled with the current state of their lives, but knowing that I am not alone brings me neither relief nor joy. However, I have been actively seeking out those who actually went ahead to take the plunge to better their lives, hoping to be inspired by the stories of their act of courage and motivated by their results.

This May, I will be reaching another of my life’s milestone. By next year, chances are high that I will be moving overseas for a while. For that reason, I am putting extra effort trying to establish my jewellery line, basically “do my own thing” and make the change.

Allow me to share a bit about the two projects which I am working on concurrently at the moment. These are my two jewellery collections, “Saga” (working title) and “Mintage“.

The “Saga” collection consists of pendants and, in the future, anklets/ bracelets. The design is simple, sweet and gentle. Without giving away too much, the main subject for the design is something I remember fondly from my childhood. At this stage, I am happy to say that the collection is in production.

“Mintage” is a collection of interchangeable pendants, inspired by ancient roman coins. I am having a lot of fun with this because I had to design a little mechanism for the collection. In the nutshell, I would like to use this collection as a medium for me to “tell stories”.

Right now, this collection is in the advance stage of prototyping. It feels great to have all the parts printed out from my 3D printer and find out everything fit just right with one another.

And that is all I have to write about tonight. Let us keep moving forward!

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