17th March 2019 – An Update

Been really pushing hard on my jewellery collection. Spent a lot of late nights, made a lot of adjustments.

Previously known as my “Saga” (working title) collection, I have decided to name it “Dou.“. Had a bit of an issue at the workshop and I have made adjustments accordingly and hopefully, it will be smooth sailing from this point on.

I have also extended this collection by bringing in anklet/ bracelet, in addition to the original pendant. I feel that the new addition is fitting to the collection’s feel. To secure the anklet/ bracelet, I have came up with a simple catch which I am rather pleased with.

As much as I can, I try not to use catches/ clasps with too much mechanism/ joints/ movable bits in my jewellery designs. While I can easily just opt to use a simple common lobster clasp to secure the new anklets/ bracelets, I would prefer to give it a bit more thought and design something more unique and lasting.

With “Dou.” in production, I have been working on “Mintage” extensively. A lot of experimenting trying to find the right measurement for things and a “new” way to wear “Mintage“. The thing about “Mintage” is interchangeability; being able to switch out the pendants on the go. That is the whole experience I would like to provide with this collection, however, I also want people to be able to wear the pendants straight out of the box without the need to purchase the “holder”.

I thought I came up with a brilliant idea yesterday; a detachable bail. Worked on it, had it printed out when I got home last night. Physically played around with with it this afternoon and the result was far from what I had in mind.

This version of the detachable bail is slightly big and I feel there is a really slight chance for the jewellery to drop out when wearing. I would not give it a pass, but nothing is wasted though. Learning from my mistakes, I have designed version 02 of my detachable bail and I will have it printed out by tonight.

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