29th March 2019 – An Update

These just came back from the casting. Not exactly the best result. In fact, some parts came back slightly warped. Luckily, it is not an issue that cannot be straighten out with a pair of pliers.

More importantly though, is the information I gathered from playing around with the parts now casted in silver.

For most part, everything is working according to expectation except that the holding mechanism which is too tight. This issue is especially prominent for the smallest version.

At this point, I’ll just have to make the necessary adjustment and send them out for casting again. Such is the tedious nature of Research and Development.

These parts would not be wasted though. At this point, I will either send them to a craftsman and have them assembled or I will hands on and do it myself. Once assembled, I am sure there are more information/ data to gather.

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