19th April 2019 – An Update

While I am waiting for my the other two collections (“Saga” and “Mintage“) to come back from the workshop, I am working on yet another collection which I named “Melty” currently. Not sure if the name will stick while there is nothing wrong with the name and it definitely is very appropriate, I feel that there should be a better name if I would give it some proper thought.


Saga” has been renamed to “Dou.” some time back. Yes, the name actually included the “.” at the end. I actually have the finished product for this collection and it is on its way back to me at the moment.


Mintage” remained the same, mostly. Some adjustments have been made so the items can be better finished by the craftsman later on and also to make the details more prominent. The adjustments have been realised in sterling silver and the pieces are making their way back to me, in the same parcel as the finished product of “Dou.“.

If the adjustments work according to expectations, the finished product for “Mintage” will soon follow. Wish me luck!


(*Working title until something better comes up)

Progress for this collection is as followed. Since this collection is made up of pendant, ring and a half cuff bangle, I have so far experimented to find the right size of the quintessential detail of the collection.

After a second attempt, I have confirmed the size for that tiny yet upmost important detail for the the pendants and the rings. Once I finally figure out the best way to do the half cuff bangle, I will send them all on their merry way to the casting house.


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