02nd May 2019 – An Update

Sent my 3D Printer for servicing last week since it was giving me some trouble during printing. Good thing is it will be coming back to me tomorrow. Hopefully, they have resolved all my printing issues.

We are now second day into the month of May and this month, jewellery designing will have to take a back seat. Doubt that anything much will be done on my part. Thankfully, whatever is in the workshop will still carry on without me.

I have requested for a sample of the new “castable wax resin” for my 3D Printer, which I will send to my casting partner and have him attempt to realise it into silver. According to the website, the new wax resin requires no post-printing curing; ready to cast straight from the printer after washing off the excess resin. Having my work cut short by that little bit sounds good to me.

I have also placed an order for the packaging I will be using for my jewellery. My choice of packaging has be met with heavy criticism from Constant Companion RR because coming from a fine jewellery background, she feels that they might be a bit “cheap” since they are basically cardboard boxes. While I appreciate her feedback, I stood by my decision because of my original ideal of not “creating too much waste” and using a cardboard box seems like a fitting option.

As I wait for my items to come back from the workshop, I continue working on new designs/ collections. Wanted to keep a flow of things constantly going. While I am anxious to share my designs with the world, I am aware and grown acceptance of the realistic slow pace things are moving.

Just need a little patience.

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