03rd September 2019 – An Update

Just like that, the Lunar 7th Month aka “The Month of the Hungry Ghosts” is over. As I get older, like every almost every other festivals, a lot of its significance have been lost on me. The concerns that come with being a responsible and, hopefully, functional adult pretty much dulled everything out.

I have prepared my online shop as well as I can; it is in a standby condition, just waiting for me to find the right time to launch. Once the website goes public though, I foresee there will be another issue for me to handle.

This whole project is practically a one-man show and my day job takes up most of my days, requiring me to be indoors, for extremely long hours. At the risk of exaggeration, there are days I do not get to see and feel the warmth of the sun. While there are things I can do during those “desk-bound” hours (for example, designing and working the computer), there are tasks which require me to be out and about. These are the tasks which I have been allocating my precious day off to; spending the time to work instead of resting like the day off is intended for.

Photography is one of such tasks. The “lookbook” is definitely something I would need to have to showcase my jewellery. Not only that, a steady stream of great pictures is essential to maintain a strong online presence. When your business is only done online, needless to say, having a constant supply of good photography is vital.

I will need to come up with a sustainable solution to this issue.

Currently, I am waiting for another batch of work to arrive back from the craftsmen. If time permits, I would prefer to have at least 2 collections available in the shop before it goes live.

Anyhow, thanks for reading!

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