Seoul Trip Oct 2019 – Culture Station Seoul 284

18th Oct 2019 (2nd Day in Seoul)

Seoullo 7017

On our way to Culture Station Seoul 284, guided by the map on Trip Advisor, we came upon Seoullo 7017. It was a lovely surprise because I did not find anything about this “point of interest” during my research on Seoul.

It was a beautiful walk on this former highway overpass. There are a large variety of plants growing in their individual tiny patches of dirt, walled by concrete. The names of the plants are also neatly displayed, to provide a little education and information.

A few sets of pianos are left along the skypark, free for any interested visitors to simply sit down and provide an impromptu street performance. I must say they are quite a popular feature as none of the pianos were available while Constant Companion RR and I strolled by. They were being played by people of different skill level, but it was a great time for everybody.

While we could see our destination from Seoullo 7017, we must have missed an exit and we found ourselves walking further and further away from it. At the end of the walkway, when we got back down on ground level, we had to make a U-Turn and crossed the chaotic and vast Seoul bus station to get to Culture Station Seoul 284 .

Culture Station Seoul 284

Culture Station Seoul 284 was a railway station (former Seoul Station) repurposed into an arts and cultural complex. Beautiful building. When we were there, there was an exhibition on typography going on.

To be honest, I did not get anything out of the exhibition because it’s about Korean typography. Regardless, Constant Companion RR and I spent a couple of comfortable hours exploring the old railway station.


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