18th March 2020 – An Update

Well then, I have not been writing much lately since I really have not much material to work with since the outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide. Business is slow everywhere and the worst part of this whole thing is that I cannot travel anywhere.

I cannot go through each day without receiving any news about the virus. By this point, I am more annoyed than anything.

While the situation at home does not feel extremely dire, I make it a point to go the extra mile regarding my personal hygiene; my hands have never been so dry before from all that hand washing. Avoiding crowded areas/ attending social events is something that I have always been doing even before this whole incident, so I am safe in that part.

The hardest bit to put into practice is actually not touching my face. I had to constantly remind myself and resist any hands-to-face contact. It kind of helps to restrain my hands within the pockets of my pants as much as possible.

Touching any public surfaces is also a huge No No these days. I no longer hold on to any handrails on escalators or on the train; so the chances of me falling if the train makes any sudden brake, has slightly increased. I press the elevators’ buttons with my knuckles, thinking the chances of me touching my eyes, nose or mouth with any of my knuckles is highly unlikely.

Since I can no longer travel at the moment, I have been trying to learn new stuff just to keep my mind occupied during my free time. Currently, I am trying to pick up Javascript from the E-Book, which I have purchased from Google Play Store, and from Khan Academy. My mind has been forced to think in a different way. While the beginning part was easy to understand, I am at a point where it has gotten more complicated and the learning progress is much slower; I cannot proceed if I cannot understand what is before me. It takes time, but I am confident I will figure it out in the end.

In addition to my study of Javascript, I am intending to pick up hand engraving as well. Now, I am just researching online about required equipment; cannot start without equipment, you know.

That is all for this post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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