Day 1 – 7th April 2020

In an effort to get rid of the Coronavirus, the government of Singapore has practically given me (and the rest of the non-essential workers of the work force) a month break from work to stay at home. They named this the “Circuit Breaker”.

I cannot complain really. Everybody who is affected by this will be compensated by the government for the lack of income for the month. While it is but a portion of what I should get, I am grateful to receive anything at all and also, give a chance to avoid catching the virus.

Compared to other countries, this “lockdown” is rather mild. Food businesses are among the essential businesses still allowed to run, the only restriction is that we are not allowed to dine in. We are also allowed the freedom to go out and buy food as we wish.

There will be a lot of people who will just take this opportunity to still linger outside, I personally would try to follow the instruction and do my part to keep my outside time to a minimum during this entire month.

I looked at this rather positively and decided to spend my month as constructive as possible. On my to do list, I will generally be working on the following activities.

  1. Practice hand engraving
  2. Read up on Javascript
  3. Late night jogging
  4. Draw jewellery designs

Today’s the first day and my first task I gave myself was to clean up my room. I spent a few hours getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter clogging up my space. At the moment, I would say I am only 40% done, but it feels good to get started though.

I should also wake up at a reasonable time. It is rather difficult to wake up early when I do not have a prior commitment to force myself out of the bed; this shows that I am lacking self-discipline. Will try to do better tomorrow.

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