Day 2 – 8th April 2020

Today is…. Wednesday. Had to check the computer’s calendar there.

Woke up slightly earlier than yesterday, around 1130am. It was just so easy to fall back asleep when there’s nothing urgent to do.

First task was to get some nourishment. For lunch, I had what my family had for dinner last night. It is not really leftover; they always kept a portion for me beforehand. This is a habit I have formed for the past 3 years. Despite being at home now, I would like to keep it up.

For lunch, I had chicken breast, mushroom and penne in cream sauce. Had to microwave it twice because the tupperware was too small for me to flip the penne around. I simply ate the top part which was hot, until I reached the cold bit at the bottom and popped them into the microwave again. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

After lunch, I started packing the jewellery making tools I brought home recently. That took up way too much time, but I have put everything in place and they are all ready to be used.

Next, I sat down for a few hours to correct my student’s work. The current student I have is extremely passionate in learning, so in return every time I correct her work, I mustered all my teaching passion to nurture her.

Dinner time. With my mask on, I quickly slipped out to buy food. I noticed my choices for dinner these couple of days, have not been healthy. Need to change.

1030 pm, I put on my running shoes and went to my “Secret Slope” for a jog.

Just came out of the showers. Now that the post is done, I am going to watch some Youtube.

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