Day 4 – 3D Printed Engraving Handpiece

The print finished a little past 4 am this morning. The constant, rhythmic machinery noises, amplified by the dead silence of the night, drove me nuts.

The moment the machine finished the job, I took a quick look (no major flaw) and went to bed. This afternoon, I woke up and removed the print for cleaning. I am very pleased how everything turned out the way I wanted.

There was a little issue when the program added some supports inside the front cylinder, which I did not know of until the printer printed them out. But with a big enough drill bit, I managed to easily removed all the supports within.

After snipping of the supports, I roughly filed down all the little bumps. When I am hardworking enough, I will even sand everything down smoothly.

I can predict some minor inconveniences. The air inlet at the bottom of the handle is kind of in the way of my pinky when I grabbed the tool. When I hook it up with the silicone tube, it will be a even bigger hindrance during operation. There might be some air leakage which may or may not be a problem. I guess that can easily be fixed with some tape.

Despite all that, now that the hand piece is done, I just hope that it will generally works as intended.

Spent the whole afternoon trying to gather the rest of the components. At the moment, I am missing a key item, the front bit which holds the graver. Since the original company does not ship to Singapore from US, I had to look for their Asia distributor. Sent an email, now we wait.

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