Day 5 – 2 of 6 Main Components Arrived

Haven’t had my tea fix for 4 days, I made the mistake of having one for dinner yesterday and I believed that caused me to stay awake until 5 am this morning. Tried everything as I laid down in my bed. My body was tired, but my mind was sharp and clear.

Today, two pieces of the main components needed for my home made engraving machine have been delivered.

One is a power supply; I plugged it in and the blue led “on” indicator lit up. I supposed that means it is working. The other is a small air compressor to inflate car tyres and it is supposed to be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter socket for power. For that, I do not have a chance to test the product, but it looks new.

I am still missing one vital part for my machine. No news from the distributor yet. Guess I just have to wait.



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