Day 6 – Raspberry

Did some more practice on hand engraving. Worked on thing Constant Companion RR requested me to do; a raspberry.

The starting part was smooth. The tip of my graver cut across the surface effortlessly. There was no jerking motion; I was kind of in the zone. Surprised myself with the ease.I started from the top of the raspberry and worked my way down. It was at the end when I suddenly lost all momentum and my graver started to slipping across the surface of my copper sheet.Perhaps it was lost of focus or even fatigue, I could not control my graver like I did before.

Hunching over my work as I engrave can get uncomfortable over time, but that was the only way I can really see where my graver is cutting wearing one of these cheap, plastic magnification glasses. Just got to make do. Since I do not want to spend a bomb, I get what I pay for.

Attached with X 3.5 lens!

Ordered this online. Made in China and it came with a small box of lenses, each with a different magnification (X 3.5 being the closest). Came with an option of a headband strap which I am using because I wear this over my prescription glasses.

After adding some “shading”, my very first hand pushed engraving work, entitled “Raspberry”, is done.

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