Day 7 – Eggplant

Been a week at home now.

I supposed staying at home is easier with the right people.

Anyway, saw this tip in a video so I tried using Chinese White watercolour on my practice sheet so I can draw on it. I think I have applied it too thickly.

It did not work too well. I tried to draw on it with my pencil and my pencil was basically scraping the paint off instead of drawing on it. This is entirely my fault, I believe. The layer I have applied was way too thick. Perhaps I should also give it a bit more time to dry before I draw on it. Will try that tomorrow.

In the end, I scratched the outlines with my steel burnisher, wiped the paint off completely and started engraving.

Today, I decided to engrave an eggplant aka aubergine. Did the outlines as well as I could. Slipped a few times. Once that was done, I tried my hand on some shading. It is not easy getting the lines to be neat and parallel. To make matters worse, I was also trying to keep them as fine as possible at the same time.

To finish it up, I added a date at the bottom. I should learn how to engrave letters and numbers properly.

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