Day 8 – Monkey and Bananas

I thought it would be easier for me to just follow up on the subject of “Fruits” (Eggplant/ Aubergine is a fruit, according to Wikipedia), so I engraved a comb of bananas today. Constant Companion RR demanded a monkey, so right behind the bananas, I engraved a cartoony, cheeky monkey.

I thought I have done a pretty decent job with the original outline of the comb of bananas. The lines were smooth and consistent. Overall, my graver did not slip too many times in this project.

Hmmm… I should actually take some time to design something bigger to engrave instead of doing these small impromptu pieces. I guess I will work on that.

Homemade Engraving Machine

Yes! I got a response from a jewellery making tool supplier from Taiwan. They do carry what I needed and they do deliver overseas. Shipping from Taiwan to Singapore is way faster and cheaper than from the US.

I have placed an order with them… Now I wait for all components to be delivered to me.

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