Day 9 – Inconveniences!

0446 PM

Ugh. Just when I thought I have the final component of my homemade engraving machine so many issues popped up one after another, causing delay after delay.

  1. Taiwan Supplier did not give me the branch code for Swift code. I emailed him and waited for his reply. *DELAY*
  2. For some strange reason, there is no option to pay the supplier in Taiwan currency (NTD) from my banking app. I emailed him, asked if he would accept USD instead and waited for his reply. *DELAY* He said he would accept USD and gave me a price after conversion.
  3. I tried to add him as a Payee from my bank app and this process requires a One Time Pass from the OTP Token my bank issued to me. Of course, the token is out of battery. Thought I can be smart by activating the digital OTP Token in my bank app. And… It requires a OTP from my OTP Token as well. This means I need to go down to the bank to get a new one.
  4. As luck would have it, the branch just a stone throw from my place is currently temporarily closed due to the virus situation. I will need to travel a bit to the bigger branch located two stations away, for a replacement. With my luck, I doubt I can it on the spot.

Only one way to find out. I shall head out now.

0620 PM

Yes! Got my OTP Token and got it pretty fast too. It was the the initial wait that is time consuming. Came to the bank at the wrong time when Singapore Government is giving out relief money to the citizens to help them tide things over. Naturally the banks will be more crowded than usual.

Have not been taking public transport for 8 days. There are a lot of stickers on the floor to indicate where passengers are supposed to stand. Only thought in my mind is how difficult it must be to remove all those stickers when the time comes.

Heading back now.

1125 PM

Finally, transferred the money to the Taiwan supplier. Hopefully the transaction goes smoothly.

Just came back from my nightly jog. Damn, I chafed a patch of skin below my right arm against my jogging singlet.

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