Day 11 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Satisfied my instant noodles craving for dinner last night. It was such a calories bomb; for the noodles alone, it was about 1200 kcal.

Constant Companion RR, as usual, demands that I write something more interesting for my blog instead of what seems like random thoughts. These days, it is extremely hard to write anything out of the norm, especially when I am stuck at home all day long.

Constant Companion RR suggested that I write about my gaming on my Nintendo Switch. I guess I can try and write something about that.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

These days I have been playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” on my Switch. Bought a digital copy of it as all but the essential retail shops have been closed. Charming game, albeit a little slow moving at times.

My island name is “SwayingLeaf“.

Villagers of “SwayinLeaf”. Back Row, Left to Right: Hornsby, Winnie, Me, Kiki and Frita. Front: Goose (The Chicken)

Some players play the game with time travel. Since many things in the game happens in real time, by adjusting the clock in their Nintendo Switch, they can fast forward in time to move things along a lot faster. I decided not to take that route, since I have plenty of time on my hands and it is kind of motivating to wake up each day to see new things happening.

At the moment, my humble abode has two rooms and the Nook center(?) has been closed for the day for renovation which is a bother because I have the Bells (in game currency) to upgrade my house even further. That means I can only get my third extra room 2 days from now. Ugh.

I reserved a room in my house for erm… Prayers.

My task of the day was to reorganizing my garden. I grouped my flowers in 2 rows of 4 flowers by their type and labelled them according on the ground. Quite a lot of work as there are a lot of digging and planting with the shovel. Now that I am done with it, I can easily tell what flowers am I missing on my island in a single glance.

Except there is a money tree growing in the middle of the garden. Once the “money bags” ripen on it, it will be gone. I was cross breeding flowers too. Caught Kiki studying my FIRST and ONLY PINK ROSE intensely.

I can see why Animal Crossing is such a popular game. It could not have been released in a better timing with everybody stuck at home. At the moment, the only way to fly is via DAL (Dodo Airline).


The museum is rather amazing. Wandering around my island’s museum in game actually made me miss going to an actual museum in real life.

That all the happenings in “SwayinLeaf” today.

Huh. Constant Companion RR is right. I can write a little about my time in Animal Crossing while I wait for the deliveries of the parts for my homemade engraving machine.


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