Day 12

Received another package; just some high speed steel rods I ordered online from China. Out of the 4 packets which arrived, one arrived not as advertised.


It was supposed to be 100 mm in length. What arrived was only 60 mm long, with a funny red inked tip on one end. I have already contacted the shop about this. However I do not intend to make a big fuss about it, since it costs less than a couple of dollars. It is more about the principles of things. The guy was apologetic and told me that he would get back to me ASAP.

Day 12 Update

It has been 12 days since I locked myself away from society, leaving my place only to buy dinner nearby (with mask on, of course) and my nightly jog.

I Jog Later

The timing for my nightly jog has been shifted later and later into the night, in an effort for me to meet as little people as possible on my jogging route. Each night I find that there is still too many people around, I delay my jogging timing a little more. At the moment, I set off at 11 pm.

According to the rules, while we do not need to wear any mask during vigorous exercises (running etc), we are required to put one on after we are done.

I find that rule to be rather ambiguous. Most of the time, I was almost the only person because how late it was. A great part of my jogging “route” consists of doing laps, up and down this remote stretch of road with a slight inclination. That was I can reduce the chance of me bumping into any people making their way home. Regardless, as a precaution (I do not want to get fined), I do bring a mask along in my sleek, little jogging fanny pack.

I Sleep Later

I believe this is also part of the reason why my bed time is getting later and later. It is hard to sleep an hour or two, after my jog, probably because my body is still cooling down or something. By the time, I was finally ready to sleep, it was already 2 to 3 am.

I Wake Up Later

Needless to say, I wake up later these days. Most of the time around 12 noon; just in time for lunch. I try not to set an alarm for myself since I do not have any urgent tasks on hands at the moment, so I allow myself to slow down my footstep and to wake up naturally.

Physically, I am better; I sleep and exercise more. But mentally, it is kind of draining.

Is this what retirement feels like?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I designed a Monk outfit. Hehe.

Even has a patch at the back of his monk’s robe and a traditional Chinese medical patch on his forehead.

It is rather entertaining, thinking up with obscure ideas for outfits in Animal Crossing.

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