Day 13 – More 3D Printing

6:00 PM

Decided to 3D print a graver holder for the sharpening template for the 2mm round high speed steel. In my head, it seems like something that will work, so I load up my CAD program and started producing according to the plans I made on my phone.

It is 6 pm now. And my printer is printing away. This means it has ample time to print without eating into my bed time.

It ALWAYS feel good to be working/ producing something. I just enjoy the entire process.

9:45 PM

Printing done. Took them out of the printer and washed off the excess resin. Looks pretty good. Will let it dry off a bit before I snip off all the supports.

Out of the printer and excessive resin cleaned.

11:30 PM

Back from my nightly jog; feeling good.

Snipped off all the printing supports from my prints. Filed the little bumps down. The tool is not done yet though. I need to look for a threaded tube with fitting nut and a screw to complete it. Will do so tomorrow.

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