Day 14 – Two for Two

Unbelievable. Two deliveries and two mistakes. Two days back when I received a delivery and one of the four packets which came in was not exactly as advertised. This afternoon, another delivery came in and, instead of the 10 mm steel ball bearings which I was expecting, this random item arrived at my doorstep.


I think it is some kind of guitar holder which can mounted on the wall. Wow. It could not be more different than a packet of ball bearings. Cannot believe that I have waited for 8 days only to receive this.

The sellers on this online platform, which recently used a really popular footballer for marketing, seem highly inefficient at what they do. What made this worse is that I had actually selected the sellers based on the ratings they have on their profiles before I complete the transaction. Contacted the seller about this issue, all I can do now is wait for his reply.

I still have 3 deliveries from the same online shopping platform and I must say that I am not very confident at all.

2mm Round Graver Sharpening Holder

Went down to the neighbourhood mall’s home improvement shop which thankfully is still opened. Not the most well stocked shop, but still, it is nice when I find something which I can use.

I bought a bag of 3 mm bolts and nuts. At first I wanted to get a fitting screw to hold the rod in place. Did not know the measuring unit for screws; had to do an impromptu search online to find out. In the end, after spending way too much time in that cramp, tiny shop, I found the bolts and nuts.

Although I had a Tap and Die set which I have bought many, many years ago, and with it, I added threads in that 3 mm hole in my print, I doubt the resin threads will last or even hold the rod tightly in place for the sharpening. So I screwed in a bolt together with a nut already all the way through, into the resin (the threads were surprisingly smooth) all the way to the maximum, then I loosen the nut down to the surface of the resin and glued it down with some epoxy adhesive.

Funny thing is that together with my tiny packet of 3 mm width bolts and nuts, I bought a brand new packet (comes in two tubes) epoxy adhesive only to find that I already have them (the same brand even) at home.

Now with nut.

I muddled with it after 15 minutes and the nut was still moving a little. From the back of the packaging, the instruction says leave the thing to dry for at least 8 hours for “full strength”. Hours from the application, the joint has harden and the bolt holds on to any 2 mm width rods quite tightly.

I must say my homemade, 3D printed graver sharpening holder is at least 70% done.

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