Day 17 – Printing Valve

02:55 PM

Woke up today. Had a little lunch. Been eating less these days; a normal meal during lunch and maybe just a couple pieces of bread for dinner. Don’t really need too much food.

Briefly after lunch, I played mobile game, “Brawl Stars” with my nephew. He has been asking me rather consistently these couple of days and I didn’t want to keep rejecting him. Went a few rounds with him, won more than I expected. It was fun. Perhaps I will do it again tomorrow. That poor kid must be bored out of his mind being stuck at home like everybody else.

On my To-Do list this fine day, I am going to 3D print a couple of valve for my compressor and my hand piece.

I have done the CAD part of the designing and uploaded it to the printer.

Due to the tube like structure on top of the cap of my compressor, I cannot do what Mr. Shaun Hughes did in his video, where he simply drilled a hole straight through the cap and put one end of a rubber tube through. To make sure the rubber tube doesn’t come out, he slightly melted the end with a lighter and widen it until it got too big to slip out of the hole. Simple and effective solution.

The hole on my compressor is far too big and there is no way for me to attach and fasten anything on it, the valve which I am printing now, will be glued onto the hole with epoxy adhesive, and the other narrower end, I can attach the silicone tube to.

Since I was going to print a valve for my compressor, I thought I should make one for my hand piece too. The current little outlet (shown in the picture) seems a little too short to hold the silicone tube securely. Also, I imagined the tube will be getting in the way if it sticks out at a 90°angle from the bottom of the hand piece. The valve I have designed, angled the tube about 45° away. I imagined that would get it out of the way of my hand and body during operation; nothing is sure at the moment until I try it out for real.

Speaking of my silicone tube, I’m still waiting for it to be delivered. Ugh.

06:48 PM – A Mistake!

My prints came out perfectly from the printer.

Everything came out as I have designed on my CAD program. I rinsed off the excess resin and put them under UV light for a bit more before snipped off all the supports. Flawless prints.

Except I made a mistake on a single measurement for the compressor valve! On my notebook, I have written down that I require a 8.2 mm wide “ring” which is inclusive of a 0.8 mm thick wall. Instead, I have added an extra 1.6 mm (0.8 mm wall all around) to the required 8.2 mm and ended up with a 9.8 mm ring which will not fit the hole in my compressor. What a rookie mistake!

Ugh! Moving forward… I will either glue the damn thing down like it is, or I might saw off the ring before doing so, so I get more surface area. Hmmm…  The valve for my hand piece works great though.

07:31 PM

Saw off the ring bit and filed it down smooth. Then eyeballed it and glued down the valve. Done. Next!

Learning experience eh?

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