Day 22 – Chrysanthemum

04:23 PM



Finished with the shading. It is extremely hard to make uniform, consistent parallel lines partly because of my inexperience and partly because of I cannot really see much with 3.5X magnification, so it was mostly done by feel.

Another thing is I should probably remove the nail polish before I shade the next time. Tried to cut as thin of a line as possible, only to only cut into the coat of nail polish many a times. Anyway, good learning experience. I am going to work on my next one.

Today, I will give my graver a quick sharpening before I start.

07:07 PM

Again, I didn’t want to spend too much time thinking what to engrave. First thing that came to my mind, a chrysanthemum flower.

Wanted to add some leaves at the bottom of the flower, but decided against it. Need to learn when enough is enough. I am ready to start.

10:00 PM

The first cut I made for the Chrysanthemum was horrible. Completely lost control and kept on digging deeper into the copper with my graver until by the time I realised, I have already made such a deep and ugly cut.

Note to self: I should make a few of practice cuts before I start to familiarise myself with the strength needed and angle to hold the graver.

Another issue that came up was that the transferred image was all smudged up in the middle as I was engraving. Perhaps my layer of nail polish was too thin. I will engrave whatever I can see and then use the picture as a reference before I draw out the remaining of the design with a marker.

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