Day 23 – Continuing Chrysanthemum

04:40 PM

Bought a bottle of some Insta-Dri Top Coat for nail polish. Stated on the back of its package, it says that their “exclusive Acrylic Polymer top coat hardens and dries any nail color”. I was hoping to use this to seal my pencil graphite transfer and prevent it from smudging on my next piece.

Caused me quite a bit of trouble for this “Chrysanthemum”; I had to look at my drawing and scratch out the design with a steel burnisher before I can continue engraving. How inefficient!

I’ve managed to finish up the engraving; now working on the shading. I still do not have the control over the graver like I wanted, but I will get there.

Decided to take a break, for my neck’s sake, and update the blog.

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