Day 24 – Chrysanthemum Done.

02:41 PM

I am done with the “Chrysanthemum”.


Rather pleased with this one actually, though I am still sore with the super deep and ugly first cut which you can see from that one petal in the middle of the flower. I should get some black paint to ink up the cuts so that they show up better.

Now, let’s work on the next one.

09:34 PM – Octopus

Working on an octopus now.

I want to show the softness and flexibility of an octopus while being trapped in a confined area. The drawing went well, I used a reference picture on Google Image but only for a general sense of how an octopus look.

Transferring the image onto my copper plate could have gone better. Most of the details on the bottom right did not appear. I touched up with my pencil and applied the Top Coat which is basically clear nail polish.

When all is dry, I got down to work.


So far, I have all the outlines down. Pretty intense engraving those tiny suckers on the octopus, but I managed with room for improvement. I will leave the shading for tomorrow.

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